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June 12th 2015

Typ ECO diffusion pump

When the diffusion pumps we are still using today were developed 30 years ago, their economical and ecological impact was not a priority issue. In those days, all that mattered was to supply the pump with enough energy for achieving maximum stable performance. As a result, even today, a large portion of the energy consumed by the pump gets wasted unused.


Considering these facts, HSR AG has decided to thoroughly revise the existing heating system of their current products under the aspect of energy efficiency. The objective was to bring down operation costs and to fulfill today's ecological and environmental requirements.


During the design phase, the focus was on drastically reducing the consumption of energy while fully preserving the outstanding performance data of HSR's diffusion pumps.


It has, however, become evident that such energy-saving modifications cannot be transferred from one type of pump to another on a one-to-one basis. Instead, the specific solution and the resulting energy consumption must be determined separately for each type of pump. The data shown in the present description are those of a HSR Typ PDA631-W diffusion pump. However, they also apply – by and large – to the other HSR diffusion pumps of sizes between DN320 and DN1000.


Detailed laboratory tests and measurements have shown that the amount of energy lost during the operation of any of the mentioned diffusion pumps is about 25 %.


By introducing two technical modifications the energy consumption of a Typ ECO PDA631-W diffusion pump has been reduced by 45 %.




The total amount of energy saved is made up as follows:

a) The yellow sector represents possible savings during regular operation of the diffusion pump amounting to at least 20 %


b) The green sector represents possible savings in standby mode of another 25 %


Saving Energy during Regular Operation

By introducing a technical modification of the heating system and using a special new insulation the energy consumption of a Typ ECO PDA631-W diffusion pump has been reduced by more than 20 % while fully preserving the performance of the diffusion pump. Additionally, the surface temperature of the pump body is almost down to ambient temperature.


Saving Energy in Standby Mode


Diffusion pumps are often kept in operation for longer periods without any processes running (e. g. for extremely long charging times, overnight or during weekends).
Obviously, during such periods it is not necessary to operate the diffusion pump at full capacity.


An additional technical modification for standby mode (operation of the pump with the high-vacuum valve shut or without gas load) brings down the power consumption of the diffusion pump by another 25-30 %, which results in another considerable reduction of the operation costs.





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