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Core Competencies

High vacuum is what we do best

As in the case of the company’s founder Marcel Kohler, a number of our employees gained their knowledge and experience working for the former Balzers AG. Together, at HSR Vakuum GmbH we base the quality and reliability of our work upon those same values which made Balzers products well-known worldwide. In this way, we are pleased to make our contribution to your success.


Development and implementation of customer oriented projects

We possess the best qualifications for the complete and customised implementation of your requirements in the field of high vacuum technology. We use our knowledge, flexibility and competence to develop solutions to your problems and to successfully implement these solutions.


Cryogenic pumps

HSR AG’s cryogenic pumps are know, amongst other things, for their superb performance and their reliability in the field. Long periods of operational use in between necessary maintenance together with high capacity create the conditions for smooth operation at an efficient cost.


Diffusion pumps

Since HSR AG took over the business area of the former Balzers, the tried and tested diffusion pump technology of AG has been optimised and developed further. Our customers can also expect the same high standards of quality for these products.

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