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February 11th 2013

VELCO 1250

VELCO 1250 - a further innovative product from HSR AG


HSR AG has delivered a large number of these cryogenic refrigerator pumps, specially developed for space simulation, on time to the client. The cryogenic pumps, equipped with high-performance cooling heads do not require the use of liquid nitrogen and stand out due to their exceptional performance data. With a volume flow rate for air/N2 of 67´000 l/s, a capacity for N2/Ar of over 30’000 barl and a cooling down time of around 3.5 hours from room temperature to 10 Kelvin ( -263°C), this system exceeds the requirements which were set for it. The flange diameter of the VELCO 1250 is 1250 mm and can be varied according to customer requirements.


Large cryogenic pumps which do not use liquid nitrogen are increasingly gaining importance. The testing of satellites as well as the propulsion technology of air and space travel equipment increasingly requires large-scale vacuum chambers, which can be evacuated quickly enough with the help of such cryogenic pumps. An important advantage of the cryogenic pump is that the vacuum is completely free of hydrocarbons, a characteristic which is also becoming increasingly important in applications such as the coating of wafers and optical components.


The portfolio of HSR AG comprises high-performance cryogenic pumps of flange diameter DN100 up to DN1250. In addition, HSR AG also provides customer-oriented solutions in the field of generating high-vacuum, including complete project management, construction and manufacture. In doing so, the many years of experience gathered at HSR AG in high-vacuum technology as well as exceptional achievements in engineering and distribution provides our clients with trend-setting advantage in the vacuum market.









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