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May 4th 2016

Award for HSR AG at the VacuumTech Expo 2016 in Moscow


The company HSR AG received a special award this year in April at the Trade Fair "VacuumTech Expo 2016" in Moscow.


Prof. Dr. Sergey B. Nesterov, Deputy Director of the Russian Vacuum Association (RVA), presented the award for "The Best Innovation Product in High Tech Technology" to Mr. Urs Frick, the Director of S&M at HSR AG.


The Russian Vacuum Association awards this special price to companies which distinguish themselves by special

developments and innovations which are implemented to assert the company position in the market.


HSR AG received the award for a cryostat which was developed for use in aerospace and which uses a sophisticated cryo controller to provide highly accurate temperature control for a wide range of applications.


In the same month, HSR AG also celebrated its 15th anniversary. Consequently HSR AG took great pleasure in accepting this innovation award.


As in previous years, HSR AG presented its entire portfolio in Moscow. Special focus was placed on products for vacuum applications which implemented cryo technology, attarcting considerable positive attention both from organizers as well from the numerous visitors to the three-day trade fair.





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