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October 14th 2016

Plate valve HVT1000

Our newly developed HVT1000 valve is a right angle valve fitted with ISO-F flanges of a nominal diameter of 1000 mm.

Due to its sophisticated design, our HVT1000 valve provides a highest possible conductance value of 78000 l/sec.

The electro-pneumatically, bellow-sealed valve operates hydrocarbon-free, since the piston rod is fully sealed against atmosphere by a metal bellow.

Due to the screwed connections at the valve plate and the casing, the entire inner section is easily accessible for cleaning purposes. The valve is, to a large extent, maintenance-free and does not require any adjustments after cleaning or revision work.

The HVT 1000 valve is available either cooled or uncooled and can also be equipped with an additional adjustable throttle position for accurate controlling of process gas pressure inside the vacuum chamber.

A durable stainless steel housing and its optimized design provides for a long lifetime even under harsh industrial applications.

A first set of 12 HVT1000 plate valves has been successfully delivered on time, end of October, to one of our customers.

The complete product line of HVT valves includes all sizes from DN320 up to DN1000.


HSR HVT valves are patented and were first introduced to the market in 2010.




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