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April 4th 2017

HSR temperature sensors KTS-KS and KTS-KD for corrosive applications

Many industrial applications require that cryo pumps operate continuously under highly corrosive conditions. In such an environment, it is also imperative that the used temperature sensors meet the highest demands and maintain undiminished performance during production processes.







Temperature sensor KTS-KS                      Temperature sensor KTS-KD


HSR has developed special new temperature sensors, types KTS-KS und KTS-KD, for the fields of applications outlined above. KTS-KS sensors are intended for slight to medium corrosive applications, while KTS-KD sensors can be used for high corrosive applications.


The technology used for the new KTS sensors is based on the well-proven principle of resistance measurement which has already been used over many years for our standard KTS-102 sensors.


All the above-mentioned sensors of the KTS series are radiation-resistant and, over their entire measuring range from 1 Kelvin to 360 Kelvin, provide linear and highly reproducible results.


To guarantee protection from external corrosive influences, the temperature sensors of the KTS-KS and KTS-KD series are enclosed in a stainless steel cover and sealed with a vacuum-resistant filling. The casting compound which is certified for applications under vacuum conditions protects the sensitive parts of the sensor against any penetration of liquid or gaseous substances. In addition, at temperatures from a few Kelvin up to room temperature, the casting compound has a coefficient of thermal expansion which is similar to that of copper, making application in this temperature range possible in the first place.


The design of the new temperature sensors therefore differs from that of the standard sensor. An M4 inner thread makes high tightening torque possible which, in turn, is very important for optimal heat transfer. If a radiation-resistant design is required, the Teflon stranded wire in the KTS-KD sensor can be replaced by a Kapton wire.


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