Servicing cryogenic pumps

Repair,maintenance and service on own and «foreign» pumps, compressors and accessories. Modifications on existing cryogenic pumps and systems. Process specific optimization of cryogenic pumps (all makes and types).


A complete in-house revision consists of following tasks:

Cold head

  • incoming inspection and performance test
  • complete disassembling
  • refinishing of interior of cold head housing (honing N6 surface)
  • cleaning of all interior parts
  • cleaning of displacers from 1. and 2. stage in ultra sonic bath
  • exchange of piston rings, seals and bearings
  • performance test and final inspection including test certificate on own test benches


Inner parts of cryogenic pump

  • cleaning of all nickel plated copper parts
  • exchange of them if necessary
  • exchange of panel 2. stage (active charcoal)
  • leak test
  • function test



  • exchange of adsorber
  • complete decalcification
  • exchane of oil
  • leak test
  • function test
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